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  1. Does Hot Dip Galvanizing Make Steel Rust-Proof?

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    Hot Dip Galvanizing: Is It Rust-Proof?

    Hot dip galvanizing involves cleaning steel or iron and then dipping it into molten zinc. It is done at a temperature of about 842 degrees Fahrenheit. The zinc coating then creates a tight bond to the steel or iron. The coating is self-healing which means that it builds a strong layer of protection against moisture when it encounters water.

    It is not rust-proof per se, but it is extremely resistant to rust. It is difficult to find an instance of galvanized steel or iron rusting. Other components that it is connected to often show signs of rusting long before the iron or steel will.

    Contact Us for Rust-Proofing Services!

    At Frontier Hot Dip Galvanizing Inc, we provide hot dip galvanizing services to the Buffalo, NY area. Hot dip galvanizing is essentially the same as rust-proofing your iron or steel. It is extremely rust-resistant. It will protect your steel for decades to come from the harmful effects of moisture. Contact us today to learn more about our rust-proofing services!