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Frontier Galvanizing is conveniently located in Buffalo, NY, allowing us to serve customers and rust proof materials throughout the North Eastern United States and Southern Ontario. While Most of our customers are located in Western/Central NY, Southern Ontario, and Pennsylvania, steel we have galvanized can be found throughout North America and as far as New Zealand and Australia.

Corrosion Protection, Galvanizing Services, and More

If there is one thing that the Buffalo, NY area is known for, it’s the weather. We see heavy lake effect snows nearly every winter; as a result, metal structures and vehicles in Western New York are particularly susceptible to corrosion and rust.

Our professionals provide targeted corrosion protection, rust proofing, powder coating and plating alternatives, and hot dip galvanizing services for commercial and industrial operations throughout Buffalo and the rest of the Western New York area. Our goal is to ensure safety and quality for years to come through our rust proofing and galvanizing services.


Access Reliable Rust Proofing Services in Buffalo, NY & Beyond

There’s simply no overstating the harsh nature of the Buffalo, NY climate. Thankfully, our rust proofing services have been specifically engineered to combat heavy snowfall, road salt, and extreme winds in the wintertime. On top of that, your steel surfaces will remain safeguarded against sweltering temperatures during Western New York summers. You won’t even have to administer annual sprayings or coatings to ensure the integrity of your steel materials. With just one visit to our technicians, your steel materials will have the rust proofing they need to withstand the intense Buffalo, NY weather.

We urge you to reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives today. Learn more about our powder coating alternatives and galvanizing services! Whether you operate a commercial facility or you’re in charge of the maintenance of a local bridge, our technicians are constantly standing by to lend a helping hand. With our rust proofing services, the project you worked so hard to complete will be higher quality and last longer

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