Peace Bridge Renovation Buffalo, NY

Located near the center of downtown Buffalo, NY, the Peace Bridge crosses the Niagara River to connect Buffalo with Fort Erie, Ontario. It was officially dedicated in August 1927 and operates the second-busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada. Of the four vehicular toll crossings over the Niagara River in the area, the Peace Bridge carries one of the greatest percentages of commercial vehicles, as well as vehicles with non-local destinations; both commercial enterprises and the tourism field depend on the Peace Bridge for continued success.

While New York State mandates a bridge inspection once every two years, the Peace Bridge is rigorously inspected once annually on top of periodic visual inspections that are performed after every flood, significant seismic activity, or impact event. To date, the Peace Bridge is still functioning as intended; however, occasional upkeep will help keep it in great shape for decades to come.

In 2019 a $100 Million renovation was completed on the Peace Bridge, which included over 600,000 pounds of galvanized steel from Frontier Galvanizing. The work included strengthening the current bridge to extend its lifespan, adding our rust proof coating, as well as increasing the width of the bridge to include pedestrian walkways and an observation deck. Workers also completely replaced the bridge deck, traffic control gantries, railings, and light posts. The self-funded project will allow the Peace Bridge to continue its role as a pivotal point on the US-Canada border, and with our rust proofing, the bridge should last for years to come.

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