Why Choose Frontier Hot Dip Galvanizing

As one of the most trusted names in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, Frontier Hot Dip Galvanizing Inc of Buffalo, NY has been proud to serve a wide variety of clients throughout North America. For over 60 years, we have been committed and recognized for fast turnaround time, competitive pricing, unparalleled customer service, and of course high-quality galvanized coating.

As members of both the American Galvanizers Association and the European General Galvanizers Association, Frontier Hot Dip Galvanizing has access to industry leading technologies and best practices. Our advancement, innovation, and consistency in our practices have led to a high standard of quality across all products and services. These processes can be found in each rust proofing and steel corrosion protection project we handle for our customers out of Buffalo, NY.

Why Hot Dip Galvanizing is a Good Powder Coating Alternative

Hot dip galvanizing is similar to powder coating as both processes apply an extra layer of protection to parts. However, galvanizing involves adding a layer of zinc as a coating, giving parts a tougher level of rust and corrosion protection. Hot dip galvanizing is a great powder coating alternative because of its durability and long life span. In fact, you can expect galvanized finishes to protect your steel parts for over 50 years! With minimal maintenance, quick application, and low cost requirements, hot dip galvanizing and metal coating can be an affordable and efficient powder coating alternative that meets your every need! Contact us today to learn how our galvanizing for corrosion protection and rust proofing can benefit your Buffalo, NY business.

Since 1948, our family-owned business has been able to help a wide range of clients in all areas of industrial operations. Our galvanizing service extends throughout the public utilities and transportation departments, parks and recreation, bridges and highways including multiple state DOT’s, original equipment manufacturers, construction companies, and more. When you select Frontier Hot Dip Galvanizing for your projects, you can rest easy knowing you are getting reliable, competitively priced corrosion protection, zinc coating and plating alternatives that will be completed effectively and efficiently.

Based in Buffalo, NY, our team is standing by ready to help you and your project. Our project portfolio includes work for the Daytona Motor Speedway in 2014, the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in 2014, and the Peace Bridge in 2019. Contact us today to learn more about our hot dip galvanizing services and powder coating alternatives!



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