Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

At the start of 2014 work began on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (Tappan Zee Bridge) with plans to include over 3 Million Pounds of Galvanized Steel by Frontier Galvanizing. The end of this project in 2019 marked an incredible accomplishment in Civil Infrastructure for the State of New York. The new bridge is the longest bridge in New York State that hosts traffic and includes bikeways and pedestrian walkways.

This project required fast turnaround time in order to meet strict deadlines. Frontier Galvanizing was up to the task, delivering reliable coatings quickly. With our rust proofing, this bridge has the best chance at resisting the weather. Updating a bridge is a large project, and thanks to our rust proofing efforts, the steel on this bridge will be less susceptible to weathering and last for years to come.

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